This Active Zest 6 week Core Challenge is the perfect opportunity to achieve those physical goals that you have always wanted to achieve. It is an opportunity to feel energized and full of life. Let's start building a foundation of strength together. All we need is your commitment to choose to build to a better lifestyle.


Welcome to Full of Zest.

My passion for movement, health and people has inspired me to create this Active Zest course for you.

This course will challenge you to become a healthier, happier you. I want to walk a journey with you to create a foundation of strength that will lead you to a happier lifestyle.

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Week 1: The foundations of activation, positioning and breathing

  • Breathing for more energy
  • The fundamentals of breathing while maintaining an activated core
  • Pelvic and spinal stability
  • Stability through movement

Week 2: Building on the foundation

  • Progression from week 1
  • Mastering the fundamentals
  • Mastering pelvic and spinal mobility
  • Maintaining stability through movement

Week 3: Introduction to new movements

  • Progressing your core stability
  • Increasing the challenge, while maintaining the control
  • Building strength by adding new movements

Week 4: Adding the building blocks

  • We continue building
  • We creatively build on the already mastered movements
  • Stepping up the difficulty

Week 5: Combining the building blocks

  • Combining different movements into one exercise
  • Mastering combined movements
  • Building strength through movement
Week 6: Mastering the combined building blocks

  • Mastering strength
  • Mastering fluid flow through movement
  • Mastering stability